How you are physically and emotionally supported in the postpartum period greatly influences your state of mind and over all recovery. In the final weeks of your pregnancy we will discuss, at length, what you and your family can do to prepare so you are set up for success! My home birth kit contains many of the supplies you will need for delivery and your postpartum recovery. It is available for purchase at 36 weeks and will be sent directly to your home.

You can expect several home visits the first 2 weeks to assess your baby’s latch, weight gain, and the progress of your recovery.  As always, I am available by phone for any questions or concerns. Referral for lactation support or lip tie/tongue tie assessment are provided as needed. I strongly believe in the benefits of placenta medicine and include encapsulation as a part of my service to aid in your recovery and bolster energy.

Routine postpartum care for you and your baby is included for the first 6 weeks.  However, if holisitc and natural remedies are unable to resolve an issue,  a visit to the pediatrician may become necessary.   Therefore, it is adviseable that you interview pediatricians in your 3rd trimester and have one chosen by 37 weeks.

Our final visit will be back in my office at 6 weeks postpartum to discuss family planning and your return to physical activity, but it’s typically not our final good-bye!  I have found journeying through the birth year with my clients to be a joyous experience that leaves us quite bonded.  I am happy to continue to be a resource for natural remedies and general health advice for the families I am grateful to have served and grown to love.

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